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3_13 social.jpgThe ability to operate quickly and cost-effectively is the backbone of today’s business strategy, and a new breed of technology is needed to accomplish more with fewer people and tighter budgets. For small and midsize businesses (SMBs), a simple, consolidated platform is the key to fueling workplace productivity—with integrated solutions that simplify IT management and improve on performance.

Convergence is a vital approach that delivers easy-to-use, turnkey solutions in an integrated framework to reduce IT complexity. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is helping SMBs take control of their businesses by creating a consolidated, hybrid platform all in one box. These converged appliances ensure a seamless experience for IT generalists and enhance performance with simple, flexible, and cost-effective options to tackle a variety of workloads. SMB IT solutions from HPE are purpose-built for multi-function business requirements to help SMBs gain strategic advantage over competitors while driving productivity and their bottom lines.

Handling multi-function business requirements

SMBs are modernizing their IT environments by combining server, storage, and network functions into a modular platform. Converged infrastructures offer many efficiencies—including faster deployment, flexibility, cloud-based agility, and the ability to effortlessly integrate high-performing applications—as well as reduced capital and operating costs.

Converged appliances from HPE provide on-premises application execution while also providing a pathway to the cloud. Leveraging a simplified, integrated environment frees up resources for complex workloads like multi-function business requirements. Furthermore, it enables workforces and increases employee productivity with multiple applications for databases, communication, collaboration, UTM, backup and storage, virtualization, and email. SMBs stand to gain a great deal from these new-age converged capabilities:

  • Optimize user experience in real time
  • Prioritize UCC traffic to boost performance
  • Improve reliability and economics
  • Simplify network administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience

HPE offers right-sized, multi-function solutions to dramatically improve productivity and performance. Designed to host multiple business applications and consolidate simple functionalities into one platform, HPE solutions can deliver 99.99% uptime, 89% faster onboarding, and 36% faster throughput than competitors. Businesses can choose from solutions based on Windows Server or ClearOS, which are able to scale as businesses evolve and grow. The Windows Server-based option is a converged appliance—or small business server in a box—that consolidates hardware/software components from multiple vendors into a unified, affordable system. This converged solution is simple to deploy and manage, empowering business systems to perform many IT functions with ease. HPE SMB solutions for multi-function with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 enable businesses to improve employee collaboration, reduce IT costs, and do more with less by running multiple functions on a single server.

The ClearOS-based option is a comprehensive converged appliance that unites all layers of IT—server, network, gateway, and cloud. ClearOS is an open source operating system that is designed to significantly reduce IT complexity and cost without sacrificing speed or performance. With over 100 applications to choose from on the ClearOS marketplace, SMBs can create their ideal IT environment with multi-function applications that can be quickly adapted as business requirements change. This solution features the same capabilities as the Windows Server-based option, as well as providing a complete, converged IT solution in one box.

Innovating for the future

HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers with ClearOS software or Microsoft solutions allow businesses to replace individual network appliances and hardware components with integrated applications to optimize critical workloads. These systems deliver top-notch performance and scalability to ensure a productive and successful workplace. HPE solutions are engineered with speed, simplicity, and affordability in mind, enabling quick deployment and easy management while capitalizing on convergence and the world-class security of the HPE ProLiant Gen10 portfolio.

HPE ProLiant ML and DL servers are the ideal fit for SMBs seeking enterprise-grade performance at an affordable price. These compact systems are purpose-built for simple deployment and manageability, while providing scalability, reliability, and versatile performance to help businesses operate with confidence. HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers for SMBs are based on three models:

  • Entry models are the most affordable platforms, delivering entry-level memory and processor speeds, quick deployment, and easy manageability.
  • Performance models include entry-level features as well as increased memory and processor speeds and additional storage.
  • Solutions-driven models offer performance features, plus higher levels of memory and processor speeds and solutions-centric software for target workloads, such as multi-function business requirements.

In addition to these flexible configurations, HPE Financial Services are available to implement a right-sized solution for any budget. Financial strategies—like a consumption-based model—help SMBs accelerate digital transformation without breaking the bank, allowing them to avoid upfront fees and pay as they consume IT resources.

For more information on HPE solutions and services that are transforming SMB operations, check us out on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.

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