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Retailers look to in-memory computing and SAP HANA to accelerate insights, add competitive advantage

Shopping around for a SAP HANA solution? See why Russian electronics retailer Eldorado turned on the power of in-memory computing from HPE for its SAP HANA solution.

Retail_in memory computing_blog.jpgIn order to thrive in a highly competitive, highly dynamic business environment, the ability to rapidly turn data into action is paramount. Take the retail industry, for example. Driven by rising customer expectations and the need to quickly respond to trends (whether seasonal, cultural or mass-media driven), retailers face multiple pressing challenges: You need to analyze consumer needs and shopping histories to improve your up-sell and cross-sale capabilities. You must perform timely analysis of store performance to ensure effective demand/supply matching and on-time product delivery. And, equally important, you must be able to predict and deliver personalized experiences for increasingly savvy customers.

To address these challenges, many retailers are turning to in-memory databases as a way to speed up analytics and help the business accelerate their decision making process by using more data, faster.

SAP HANA is a popular in-memory database, and HPE is the partner of choice for thousands of customers in their HANA projects, including many in the retail industry. Here’s one excellent example.

Why Eldorado chose HPE for SAP HANA

Eldorado is one of the largest consumer electronics and household appliances retailers in Russia, with more than 600 shops in more than 200 cities and more than 16 thousand employees across the country.

In 2011, the demanding business requirements to speed up reporting, analysis and ultimately, decision-making drove the Eldorado IT teams to look for a new way to manage their growing data. They decided to begin their SAP HANA journey with their business warehouse and at the start, ran those workloads in IBM infrastructure out of Germany. Because of legal requirements, including data residence regulations, they moved their environment to Russia, teaming up with Russian system integrator Atrinity.

As part of this project, Eldorado chose HPE as their SAP HANA infrastructure partner. HPE was the only vendor able to meet their requirements around flexibility and scalability to support their planned business growth in the next five years. In terms of specific product requirements, Eldorado needed a platform able to deliver 12TB of memory in a scale-up configuration to support CRM workloads and provide room for future growth. HPE ConvergedSystem 900 fit the bill, as the market's only HANA solution able to deliver this kind of memory capacity in a single system.

Turning on the business benefits

Some of the benefits Eldorado has experienced as a result of transforming their conventional SAP environment to an in-memory SAP HANA system include:

  • 9x faster stock replenishment calculation
  • Sales reporting are generated every 15 minutes vs. 2 hours previously
  • 15x faster overall reporting to accelerate the business decision process

Thanks to the power of in-memory computing, and relying on SAP, HPE and Atrinity, Eldorado is now able to make business decisions faster, a must in the highly competitive retail industry.

Watch Alexander Zhuk, SAP Basis Lead, tell the Eldorado story during a recent interview at HPE Discover Madrid. And hear Randy Meyer, VP and GM for HPE Mission Critical Solutions and Synergy, talk about the latest addition to the portfolio: HPE Superdome Flex, the industry's only in-memory computing solution with a unique modular design that scales easily and economically for businesses of any size. It’s the ideal for SAP HANA and other in-memory databases.

Where are you on your SAP HANA journey?

If you are thinking about or have embarked on your own journey to SAP HANA, consider HPE as your partner. Not only do we have the broadest solution portfolio, we also offer extensive services and deployment options. What’s more, our market leadership—with over 50% of the installed SAP HANA running on HPE platforms—means peace of mind for you, as you rely on our proven expertise to help you succeed with your HANA implementation.

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