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Accelerating to the Checkered Flag: How a racing team speeds up data analytics at the edge

Formula 1 racing has always been a testbed for cutting-edge engineering, but these days it’s also an arena for high-performance computing and, increasingly, IoT applications. You need massive computational muscle to run the simulations that model the aerodynamic performance of the cars (a discipline known as computational fluid dynamics), and to plot and adjust strategy in real-time during races. And with multiple data channels – sometimes more than a thousand – streaming from their vehicles, the teams are starting to look for ways to process more data at the Edge: at the racetrack itself.

Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team uses HPE compute technologies for building the fastest, most efficient racecar it can achieve. At HPE Discover in June, Philip Postle, the team’s Senior Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer, sat down with Olivier Frank, HPE’s Worldwide Senior Sales Director for Converged Edge Systems, to discuss the ways that high-performance computing and the Intelligent Edge are transforming the world’s most prestigious motorsport.

Watch the video to learn:

  • What HPE brings to the team, and how the collaboration is expanding 
  • How HPE’s expertise can apply to commercial applications beyond the world of auto racing, and how artificial intelligence, machine learning and Edge technologies can combine to propel performance. 
  • How HPE compute harnesses data streams at the trackside and at the factory, enabling Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team to make better decisions in real-time during competitions, and to optimize design for their next-gen race cars.

Learn more about HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems here.

The Intelligent Edge was an important focus at HPE Discover; we announced new edge-to-cloud solutions to enable companies to run unmodified enterprise-class applications and management software at the edge. Learn more in this post: Unleash the power of the cloud, right at your edge. The latest HPE Edgeline Systems capabilities.

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