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Citrix on Azure: 5 Indicators you need to Consider [2018 Update]

Throughout years of IT change, the desktop has remained at the heart of the business experience. However it’s still as important to keep it secure, up to date, and as flexible as possible.

Citrix on Azure offers you this opportunity, through an innovative, connected and secure cloud workspace.

So, how can you tell you’re ready to transition to the cloud? Here you go...

Five Signs it’s Time to Consider a Citrix on Azure Solution.

1. You’re Finding it Hard to Manage Multiple Distributed Desktops

Without an integrated way of managing a large number of desktops, you may find yourself or your IT department stretched beyond their limit.

Citrix on Azure allows you to manage and customise your desktops from one central location. With this approach, you can grant access to centralised data and secure applications without having to individually manage each and every device.

Watch how Citrix's, Lyndon-Jon Martin describes the matter:



2. You Want to Migrate to a Newer Operating System

With Citrix on Azure, migrating from a legacy operating system (such as Windows 7) to Windows 10 can be accelerated by adding resource capacity in the cloud during a major upgrade.

This eliminates the need for a temporary on-premises environment and allows you to hit the ground running within your Azure environment.

3. Your Business Requires Enhanced Security

Citrix on Azure offers additional security features inherent within Azure, such as Role Based Access Controls (RBAC). Combining this with Citrix Cloud’s own access controls, gives your business the highest level of security possible against potential cyber threats.

4. You need Cheap and Accessible Disaster Recovery

Azure runs on a pricing per minute model.

Through this model, you can maintain a power-off and deallocated like-for-like environment within an alternative resource location to facilitate a full disaster recovery (DR) solution at minimal cost.

5. Your Business has Plans to Scale Rapidly

If you want to increase agility in your business, you need to remove restrictive overheads such time and resources, increasing the capacity of on-premises deployments.

In Citrix on Azure, spinning up new desktops and applications takes minutes rather than weeks and you can scale down just as easily.

If you have an active plan to migrate application workloads to Azure, delivering desktops close to those apps can also help boost performance. Organisations with seasonal workers will benefit the most from this elastic approach to desktop delivery.

Are you Ready to Adopt Citrix on Azure?

According to Gartner, knowing your goals, use cases, and data location is key to succeeding with a DaaS solution like Citrix on Azure. As Microsoft and Citrix specialists, we’re here to help you assess these objectives and walk you through next steps.

If your business is struggling to innovate with a physical desktop infrastructure, the freedom and flexibility of cloud workspace, might be exactly what you need.


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