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HPE GreenLake Big Data: Unwrapping the Gifts Your Data Brings


The past few years have seen a dramatic shift in companies’ attitude to their data. They’ve gone from viewing it as essentially a headache – a mass of material that has to be expensively housed and tended – to seeing it as one of their most valuable assets. One reason for the change is the rise of big data and analytics. Innovative compute technologies, together with distributed computing platforms like Apache Hadoop™, offer the precious gifts of insight and foresight: the ability to understand not just where the market has been, but where it is now – and, most importantly, where it’s going next.

Big data initiatives are gaining traction and getting results. In research reported in the Harvard Business Review last year, about 80 percent of execs at Fortune 1000 firms described their big data investments as successful. These leaders report that they’re achieving the most value for big data projects by decreasing expenses, finding new avenues for innovation, and launching new products and services.

HPE20160726044_800_0_72_srgb.jpgThose are outcomes well worth having. Still, many businesses have been a bit hesitant to press forward with big data initiatives, for a variety of reasons. Hadoop environments can be costly and complex to set up, with long design and procurement cycles. Hadoop workloads can be quite variable, so it’s hard to provision accurately for your future needs. While a public-cloud-based approach provides more flexible economics, it raises questions around performance and control. You won’t want to compromise on availability, security and compliance assurance for your proprietary data, which may include, for example, logfiles; tweets, emails, and other forms of customer feedback; and customers’ private information.

In addition, many companies balk at the maintenance and operational commitments that a Hadoop initiative calls for. They may lack the in-house skills to design and implement the solution and operate it over the full lifecycle.

HPE GreenLake Big Data is a new offering from Hewlett Packard Enterprise that addresses these dilemmas and concerns, making big data much more accessible and manageable for companies of all sizes. HPE GreenLake Big Data is an on-premises, private, complete solution for the Hadoop lifecycle in a pay-per-use model. It provides all of the hardware, software, and operational services from HPE Pointnext that you need for your big data analytics environment. And, as a true consumption-based IT solution, it’s metered and invoiced based on compute and storage nodes, and billed monthly.

With HPE GreenLake Big Data, you can:

Accelerate time-to-value. HPE GreenLake Big Data takes out much of the complexity that’s involved in installing and deploying Hadoop, so you can move faster and see results earlier. The solution is ready-to-go with reference architectures for symmetrical or asymmetrical environments, whichever best suits your needs. Plus, with pay-as-you-go delivery, you can bypass the traditional large upfront expenses; you can start small and grow at your own pace, paying only for what you use.

Free up your data scientists to do what they do best. The HPE solution massively simplifies the operational side of your Hadoop experience, so your teams can focus on the real mission – pulling game-changing business insights out of your data. HPE GreenLake Big Data includes enterprise-grade reactive and proactive support from your assigned account team, and you can further customize the solution with HPE Adaptive Management and Advisory and Professional services. HPE takes care of the nuts and bolts for you, so your data scientists can get straight to work.

Ensure proper control of your data. HPE GreenLake Big Data gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your mission-critical data is protected by HPE’s enterprise-grade security. With the solution located in the safety of your own facility, you can sidestep the security and repatriation risks associated with shipping data off to someone else’s data center.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a “success-in-a-box” solution when it comes to big data; so much depends on the skill and creativity of your teams in discovering insights and acting on them. But the right platform can greatly increase their chances of success, especially when it’s a true end-to-end solution that bundles all of the hardware, software, and services they need. That’s a very attractive package, and one that’s just waiting to be opened. Get started with HPE GreenLake today.


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