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How HPE GreenLake accelerates success for telcos: A view from a Nokia exec

Tech moves fast in the telco world. Nokia’s CTO of Global CSP Sales explains how HPE’s edge-to-cloud platform helps his company stay ahead in a video session from HPE Discover 2021.

HPE-GreenLake-As-a-Service-for-Telecoms.pngI spend a lot of my time explaining in general how HPE GreenLake can transform businesses, so it’s always fascinating to learn how customers and partners are leveraging our edge-to-cloud platform to drive specific results in specific business environments. Every company and every industry is different, of course, but the range of creative uses of our cloud services is really remarkable and every bit as impressive as the solutions themselves.

So one of the big highlights of HPE Discover 2021, for me, was a session featuring Keith White, SVP and GM of HPE GreenLake Cloud Services, and Abhay Savargaonkar, CTO of Global CSP Sales at Nokia. Communication service providers have a long history of innovative approaches to infrastructure, and that will only accelerate with the arrival of 5G. Nokia has adopted an as-a-service strategy for its own CSP offerings, and Abhay shared some great insights on how HPE and Nokia are working together to deliver exceptional value for joint customers.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • Why the expertise that HPE GreenLake delivers is a game-changer. Tech moves fast in the world of telcos. Abhay explains how HPE GreenLake expertise helps his company stay ahead of sweeping changes ranging from virtualization to containers, and to capitalize on emerging opportunities around 5G and network-as-a-service.


  • Why Nokia is shifting to an as-a-service model and how HPE GreenLake aligns with that move.


  • Why security and data governance are core drivers of Nokia’s infrastructure strategy, and how HPE GreenLake provides the level of control that the company needs.



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