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Reinventing the workplace: Top 5 content picks from 2021

Considering a move to a hybrid workplace? Here's a look back at our most helpful and informative pieces from last year.

HPE-Pointnext-Services-hybrid-digital-workplace.pngRemember when everyone was talking about a desperately-needed ‘new normal?’  Nobody was too sure what it would look like, but it was always clear that remote work would be an important part of it. And that’s how it turned out. In 2021, we saw an accelerated shift towards digital workplace solutions that support and empower employees wherever they happen to be.

If you’re considering a workplace initiative, there’s never been a better time. And here’s something that might help: a look back at some of our most popular and informative content items from 2021.

Blog: Reimagining how we work: The rise of the hybrid workplace Businesses are moving to a new kind of digital workplace – a “boundary-less environment that leverages modern compute and connectivity to engage, empower and embolden individuals to do more than they could achieve by themselves.” Rohit Dixit, SVP and GM of HPE Pointnext Services Advisory & Professional Services, looks at the hows and whys and explains how HPE expertise drives four key business outcomes. Exciting stuff.

Webinar: What’s next for the future of digital work? This broadcast – the ‘grand finale’ of our Future of Digital Work Expert Series – touched on many of the key points of the series. It’s now available on demand. It includes a lively discussion of the latest innovative solutions and advanced technologies. (And if this whets your appetite for more, you can find a full listing of the webinar series here: Are you planning a move to a hybrid workplace? Here’s a great resource to help.)

Blog: Build your future-ready workplace with a VDI solution from HPE, Wipro and Citrix. Author Don Randall opens with some thoughts on the astounding pace of change in the workplace: “Many companies today are building flexible, hybrid workplaces that are as different from the ‘cubicle farms’ of recent years as those were from the highly regimented, mechanized offices of the 30’s.” Virtual desktop infrastructure is a big part of the latest wave of innovation. Don looks at an IDC report titled Empowering the Workforce for a Dynamic New World. It zooms in on a powerful VDI solution – Wipro’s virtuadesk powered by HPE and Citrix – and what makes it different from other solutions in the market. (You can register to download the IDC report here)

Research report: The reinvention of the workplace: Developing a strategy for cross-departmental collaboration. The need for cross-functional collaboration might not be the first thing you think of when you’re considering a hybrid workplace project. But these initiatives touch many departments, and smooth collaboration is crucial, according to research from Emerald Research Group. The report includes some instructive quotes from survey respondents about the transition experience.

Blog: Reinventing training for the hybrid workplace: Help your employees – and your business – thrive A new kind of workplace calls for a new kind of training. In this short Q&A blog, HPE Education Services expert Drew Westra explains how the pandemic accelerated the shift towards anywhere, anytime learning environments, and how your business can reap the benefits. (The webinar that Drew mentions in the blog is now available on demand, and you can watch it here: Reinvent the Way You Learn: The Future of Workplace Education.)

So that’s our roundup for 2021. Here’s to a very happy and successful 2022!

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David Crozier
HPE Pointnext Services Marketing Director
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