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Soar into Hybrid Cloud with a Pay-as-You-Go, Infrastructure-as-Code Solution

When I think about today’s private clouds, the image that comes to mind is the classic airliners that some of us remember from the 70s and early 80s. They were the technological marvels of their day. Their cockpits were crowded with sophisticated analog instruments, all competing for the pilot’s attention – very different from a modern Airbus, say, with its “glass cockpit” electronic displays and massively automated navigation and engine operation systems.


Most IT leaders I talk to are proud of their private cloud initiatives, and rightly so. These systems have been the focus of considerable effort and ingenuity. They’ve enabled companies to achieve some of the scalability and self-service capabilities of the public cloud while staying within the organization’s risk tolerance and meeting requirements around uptime and latency.

At the same time, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the limitations of these proprietary, on-premises architectures as they push to gain acceleration and altitude in a hybrid cloud world. There are just too many management tasks constantly popping up on the instrumentation, too many hours spent on infrastructure requests and manual processes. Operating the systems requires specialized skills. The infrastructure strains to navigate innovation; developers can’t get the resources they need to respond quickly to changes in the business environment or chart a course to a new destination.

The next generation of private cloud is an integrated software stack that emulates the ease, speed and scalability of the public cloud with all the availability and security of on-premises infrastructure-as-code. HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL or Synergy is an open hybrid cloud solution enabled by composability – HPE’s breakthrough software-defined capabilities for the data center. You can choose to deploy it under a pay-as-you-go, consumable-IT billing model from HPE Pointnext. By delivering a pay-per-use model for your on-premises infrastructure, it brings even more of what you like about public cloud to your private cloud.

The engine of propulsionHybrid Cloud Platform.png

HPE Composable Cloud includes:

HPE OneSphere. You can think of HPE OneSphere as the one place to go to manage your cloud experience, whether it’s on-prem or the public cloud. It gives you “glass cockpit” visibility into costs, resource utilization, governance and policy compliance. It provides a self-service experience for your developers, helping you to speed up app deployment while ensuring compliance with IT policies for application deployment.

HPE Composable Fabric. Our software-defined fabric is purpose-built for workload-driven performance and scale. It lets you scale up or down in real-time within a rack, between racks, and even across data centers. Customers have told us that one of their top challenges in gaining speed is the complexity of data center networking. That’s why we’re taking the fabric outside of the chassis, creating fluid pools of networking resources that are accessible across the data center. HPE Composable Fabric’s flat fabric topology is built for today’s distributed workloads, and by defining affinity groups, you can optimize performance for your applications.

HPE OneView. Software-defined infrastructure management and workflow automation lets you build and scale private clouds in minutes. You can provision new infrastructure or make changes easily through templates in the software without having to go in and do a lot of hand-coding or move cable around. One admin can deploy compute, storage or networking resources with a few clicks.

Plus, HPE OneView’s Open API enables easy integration with products from our growing partner ecosystem to support your DevOps, automation, and IT management projects. You can leverage tools and apps from VMware, OpenShift, Chef, Ansible, and many other industry-leading providers.

HPE InfoSight. With HPE InfoSight, you get built-in artificial intelligence that includes predictive analytics and continuous learning to optimize the environment.

HPE infrastructure. HPE Composable Cloud is available on HPE ProLiant DL Servers, optimized for cloud-native workloads and rack-scale environments; and on HPE Synergy compute modules, designed for general-purpose workloads like your ERP platforms as well as cloud-native or mixed workloads. For HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL, the storage layer is software-defined storage; for HPE Composable Cloud for Synergy, it’s a standalone HPE 3PAR storage array.

Pay as you fly

HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL or Synergy is now available in pay-as-you-go mode through HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, our groundbreaking consumable-IT solution. We install the software and hardware with a buffer of capacity, sized to your needs, at your site. Ownership of the gear remains with HPE, and we meter your usage so you pay only for what you use (a minimum capacity commitment may apply).

We wrap the whole solution in a proactive support experience that works as part of your IT support team, backed by the global experience and expertise of HPE Pointnext. You don't have to worry about the hardware and keeping it patched and updated; it’s always maintained and operated for you. And you get one monthly invoice to cover the hardware, software and services, with no upfront payment.

As I wrote in my previous post (The Numbers Are In! The Business Value of HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity), Forrester Consulting has estimated that HPE Flex Capacity can enable companies to shorten time-to-market in deploying global IT projects by 65 percent, and reduce Capex spend by 30 percent.

Dance like a hyperscalerHPE Composable Cloud infographic.PNG

We believe HPE Composable Cloud is going to take a lot of the burden out of building a private cloud. And with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, it comes very close to a turn-key solution. You can bypass the usual long procurement cycles and move with the speed and precision of the hyperscale public cloud providers. You can free up your teams to drive potentially game-changing innovation. Check out the infographic below for more reasons to choose HPE Composable Cloud.

Click on image to see the full infographic, "Top 10 reasons to move to HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL"

HPE’s Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL or Synergy delivers all the visibility, control and flexibility you need to fly the hybrid skies. To learn more, see this solution brief for HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL.             

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