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Application Monitoring of SAP

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Application Monitoring of SAP

Hello all,

Does anyone know how we can deliver the above service using the ISEE.


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Re: Application Monitoring of SAP

ISEE is used to notify HP (and you) about issues with HP hardware. It is not meant to be a monitoring tool for third party software applications

If you want to Monitor SAP, I suggest ITO, Nagios or another of the tools designed to do just that.

You also could look at EMS to see if there is some customizations you could do with its alerts

Re: Application Monitoring of SAP

HP can monitor SAP as detailed below but this is a for fee service- :

HP SAP and DB Monitoring through ISEE
Monitors vital SAP and Database Processes and functionality 24x7
Transmits Events through ISEE Backend Systems
24x7 Support and Monitoring

Monitoring Service is available on the following platforms:
SAP R/3 >= 46B
MS Windows

Other Platforms (Tru64, Linux, DB2) on request!

This service is not included in the standard ISEE configuration and has to be tailored specifically for each customer. Further Information is available through HP SAP solution architects
I am an HP employee

Re: Application Monitoring of SAP

Some more information: If you have an SAP contract with HP then:

Optional SAP contract additions:

HP Trend Analysis Measurement Service (TAM-S)
Collects statistical data about the SAP system. Information is used
Monthly (Critical Service and Mission Critical Partnership for SAP) or
Quarterly (Proactive 24 for SAP)
for performance trend analysis, reporting and recommendations. On a yearly basis this information is consolidated for capacity review and planning â for example required for budget planning.

ISEE integration of TAM-S provides a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use transfer of data for service delivery. TAM-S is included in the SAP option for all Critical Service, Proactive 24 and MCP contracts.

Trend Analysis Measurement Service is available on the following platforms:
SAP R/3 >= 46B
SAP WAS >= 620

Database specific performance metric collection is currently available for Oracle and MS SQL server.
I am an HP employee