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Hardware solution for conditional access

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Hardware solution for conditional access

Hi folks, I'm working on a small iptv system for hotel, we use hdmi qam modulator and HPE Altoline 6941 Switch Series to distribute several DVB-C channels over IP to all hotel rooms. they used to block Ethernet ports on the switch nms manually for those who didn't want to pay for HDTV. Im trying to find any "out-of-box" like hardware solution for this feature. Do you guys have any ideas?

Ian Vaughan
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Re: Hardware solution for conditional access


What Operating System are you using with / have you purchased for the Altoline switches? I would imagine this has quite a bearing on your approach.

With a linux based OS at your fingertips you should be able to interact with the switch at a programatical level with a reasonably straight forward bit of python code. You could then trigger that script with a front end of your choosing .

This sounds like an interesing project I've only heard of Altoline switches being used in a DC context so far.

Let us know how you get on.




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