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Disk Scrub

I'm having MSA 2052 with two disk groups. One having 3 nos SSD hard disk and second with 13 nos SAS hard disks. While the disk group with SSD hard disk has an automated disc scrub configured and running properly as per the logs. 

I have uploaded the MSA logs to https://msa.ext.hpe.com/MSALogUploader.aspx  to get detailed health analysis and recommendations. One of the recommendation is the disk scrub was not enabled. I know the disk scrub is running on the SSD group.

Question 1. Is it necessary to enable disk scrub for SAS hard disk and if yes, how do I enable the feature. Or is this disk scrub feature only for global spare hard disk. How do I ensure the disk scrub is enabled for the SSD hard disk even though I can see it in the the logs it is running well.

Question 2. During my initial disk selection and confuguration during the RAID on hard disk group, I have not thought of keep a global spare hard disk. Can I just buy a hard disk (SSD + SAS) and plug it as Global Har Disk without breaking or need to reconfigure the raid/array.

Question 3. If I'm not mistaken, I had ready online that there might be a feature or third party feature of some anti ransomware feature on MSA 2052. I'm not sure. But is there any recommendation for such feature for storage? Apologies if I got this wrong or likely mixed my read with storage.



Re: Disk Scrub

There are two types of scrub happened,

1> drives part of disk group 

2> drives not part of disk group

To configure background scrub for disk groups
1. In the System topic, choose Action > Advanced Settings > System Utilities.
2. Set the options:
 Either select (enable) or clear (disable) the Disk Group Scrub option. This option is enabled by default.
 Set the Disk Group Scrub Interval (hours) option, which is the interval between background disk group scrub
finishing and starting again, from 0–360 hours. The default is 24 hours.
3. Click Apply. If you chose to disable background scrub, a confirmation panel appears. Click Apply to accept the
changes or click Cancel.

To configure background scrub for disks not in disk groups
1. In the System topic, choose Action > Advanced Settings > System Utilities.
2. Either select (enable) or clear (disable) the Disk Scrub option. This option is disabled by default.
3. Click Apply.

Regarding your 2nd question, yes you can add new drives anytime in the system and configure them as Global spare

Regarding 3rd question, make sure your MSA up to date with latest firmware.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Disk Scrub

Thank you Subhajit, well answered.