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DL165 G6 - Windows 2003 Server Installation

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DL165 G6 - Windows 2003 Server Installation

Hi there =),
I'm trying to install Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition on DL165 G6.

but it seems like w2k3(RC1 i guess) does not recognize the ProLiant Smart Array device at the bluescreen setup process(before setting up the partition). It required the 'storage controller driver' from the manufacture.

So I made a CD with w2k3 drivers from the HP CD(which has drivers) txtsetup.oem and other files in to the root of the bland CD.

but it says windows 2003 setup does not find the driver... i tried it on USB CDROM, Thumbdrive, also updated drivers from still no helps.

I wanted to try it on FDD but this server does not contain FDD controller on the board.

so I tried it with Windows 2008 Server but still same issues.. but at least windows 2008 recognize the harddisk drives and a empty partition, but I can't go to the next step and it looks like windows 2008 could not create the partitions.

current setup is 160gb raid 0+1 vendor is Seagate.

Please help.
Thank you so much for reading this..
Brendan Fanning
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Re: DL165 G6 - Windows 2003 Server Installation

It sounds like you're booting the machine from the win2k3 CD???

If the machine has a smartstart / serverstart CD, boot with that then follow the prompts through to install the server. It will prompt you as to which OS you want to install and ask you for the CD at the right time.

This way all drivers and HP tools self install during the windows install. Run a few firmware and driver updates when you finish....
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Re: DL165 G6 - Windows 2003 Server Installation

Where can I get the ServerStart CD?
I only received the Support and Documenttation CD (Bootable Diagnostic Utility).
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Re: DL165 G6 - Windows 2003 Server Installation

K I found the solution for Proliant D165 G6.

538274-001:DL165 G6 does not include Smartstart.

Smartstart are only option for 300 and 500 series.
DL100 series uses 'Easy Set-up CD' for quick deployment. Unfortunately, its not an option for a DL165 G6.

So heres are steps to deploy Windows 2003 Server with drivers and service pack.

1) Windows 2003 Server CD.
2) D165 G6 Smart Array Driver (CP011927)
3) Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 2 ( )

Deployment Steps:
1. Download the deployment tool at or you can also deploy with the tool from regular Windows OS.

2. Run nlite.

3. Locate the 2003 Server CD

4. Select 'Service Pack', 'Drivers' and Bootable ISO.

5. Locate the Service Pack 2 (exe file) that you have downloaded from Microsoft.

6. Now you locate the Smart Array Driver (CP011927) and then select 'Textmode Driver' and 'Windows Driver for Smart Array SAS/SATA Controllers'

7. Now you are done, you have option to burn it on blank cd or just create the ISO file.

Those steps will resolve all of D165 G6 Windows 2003 installation issue.
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Re: DL165 G6 - Windows 2003 Server Installation

Check the lastest post of the thread.

Contact me at if you need help.