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Award-winning HPE Operations Support System (OSS) innovations demonstrated at MWC 2018


I want to give you an exciting heads-up about the two OSS demos that we’ll be showcasing at Mobile World Congress, taking place February 26 to March 1 in Barcelona, Spain.

The solutions shown in these two demos have been recognized for their innovation by Frost & Sullivan. Indeed, HPE has been honored to receive the 2017 Global Stratecast OSS Transformation Technology Innovation Award. HPE was recognized with this prestigious award for its efforts in simultaneously bringing both the legacy and next-generation architectures to its new OSS platform, including HPE Service Director, HPE NFV Director and HPE vTeMIP.


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Virtualized OSS: Virtualized OSS agility in action for hybrid services

The first demo shines the spotlight on Virtualized OSS. This demo will be presented by our key subject-matter experts Nathalie Berro-Lacomme, Product Manager in charge of HPE vTeMIP, and Stéphane Libourel, who leads the HPE OSS Assurance PM team. We will show HPE vTeMIP in action, monitoring traditional (RAN) and hybrid network services, and in particular its agility in running in a virtualized environment, as a Virtualized Management Function (VMF) - a VMF is a VNF for management purposes.

Let me remind you of what HPE vTeMIP offers. In a nutshell, HPE vTeMIP leverages a micro service architecture and a single-pane-of-glass management console. It offers Communications Service Providers (CSPs) four major benefits: 

- Lower costs, optimizing the underlying virtualized infrastructure

- Higher service quality, hence SLA compliance

- Outstanding user experience

- Support for introduction of NFV, SDN and digital services (HPE vTeMIP, with its virtualized architecture, can be orchestrated by a NFV MANO orchestrator, such as HPE NFV Director)





So why is vTeMIP important to CSPs? As we all know, CSPs face both the digital revolution and fierce competition. HPE vTeMIP really helps them take up that challenge. HPE vTeMIP provides outstanding service quality and reliability, faster problem resolution, and meets scalability needs, which is critical as the number of services keeps growing as new technologies emerge, such as IoT, 5G and MEC.

Bouygues Telecom is already convinced of these benefits: “HPE vTeMIP is a strategic choice for us to be able to operate the next generation of services, and we expect to further lower our operational costs, increase our SLA compliance and delight our users.” (Pierre Brossois, Supervision & IP Configuration Management BU Manager at Bouygues Telecom, May 2017)

The OSS Virtualized demo will show how HPE vTeMIP can automatically manage any hardware failure and is even resistant to VM failures. We will also demonstrate the benefits of both Software-Defined Storage and application elasticity, that is, how vTeMIP can dynamically, automatically, scale-out and scale-in without any loss of service, using load-balancing. This proves that vTeMIP can cope with unforeseen events that would otherwise cause major disruptions. The demo staff can also explain how vTeMIP supports different Site Disaster Recovery scenarios, depending on the quality of the connections between the management servers.


SD-WAN E2E Orchestration: Intent-based, automated E2E orchestration of SD-WAN and digital services

The second OSS demo will give you full insight into automated, vendor agnostic, E2E orchestration of SD-WAN and digital services in action. The demo is based on HPE Service Director and HPE NFV Director, which handle E2E and NFV orchestration, and Nokia Nuage, which deals with the SDN activation layer. HPE Service Director is dedicated to E2E business, digital or hybrid service management, while HPE NFV Director addresses NFV orchestration.




Here as well, the demo staff comprises top subject-matter experts, since we’ll have at the booth Rolf Eberhardt, Service Orchestration Solutions Lead, and Vincent Bielle Navarre, Fulfillment Solutions Lead. They can speak extensively about end to end service orchestration and fulfillment, for SD-WAN, of course, but also for other services, such as digital services and 5G.

The level of automation reached in our closed loop service management solution, including SD-WAN service orchestration, relies on a major innovation: Intent-based service modelling. It is a unique approach in the market that allows us to solve the workflow complexity syndrome. With Intent-based service modelling, the complexity does not grow in an exponential way as it used to with traditional modelling and workflow approaches. It actually avoids workflow hard coding, reducing development time down to 20%, and dramatically simplifying the maintenance and reuse of existing services to define new services.

The great news about this demo is that we have included another concept: Zero-Touch migration of customer network configurations. We will show the SD-WAN full automation set up, including the migration of existing MPLS services!

In summary, the scenario that we will be showing at Mobile World Congress for this demo is the following:

- Fully automated E2E orchestration enabling a SD-WAN, NFV-based SDN, service

- Simple SDN configuration through a portal, avoiding any specialized expertise

- Zero-Touch migration of customer network configurations, slashing migration costs and cutting risks


Join us at Mobile World Congress 2018

We look forward to welcoming you at the HPE Booth Hall 3 E311 at MWC 2018!

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Frost & Sullivan Global Stratecast OSS Transformation Technology Innovation Award

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