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Network, iLo2, firmware

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Network, iLo2, firmware



We just bought a HP c7000 with 16x bl460c G1 servers. They are all configured with 2x 3,0GHz Xeon QuadCore CPU (X5450) and 24 GB RAM. Instaled OS is CentOS 6.6. It's going to be our renderfarm for Maya, Modo and other 3D and VFX related processing.

It work more or less the way it should but i have a couple of questions that could help us get setup as good as pssible from the beginning:


1) IP assignment

Right now 1 static IP address is used for the blade server, iLo2 and in the OS. It seems to work except i think the network is a bit sluggish. Also i have a problem with iLo2 to loose connection and default to IP

The OS needs a static IP adress. Except from that - how should i configure to get the least problems? What the best practice? I know how to configure it - but i need some advice on the strategy!


2) 1Gb Pass-Thru firmware

The chassis reports that a newer version of the firmware is available. However it's not to find on HP website together with other blade related stuff. Any suggestions where to go?


All suggestions, advice and experience is welcome!

Many thanks!


Kind Regards,


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Re: Network, iLo2, firmware

The ILO addresses are set in EBIPA (left column in OA menu). Supported firmware for ILO is version 1.82, OA version 4.22


For pass thru go to OA CLI and perform


update show


to update a component do


"update device ic bay 3a"


for example.

Hope this helps!

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