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New BL495cG5 server purchase

New Member

New BL495cG5 server purchase

Memory configuration suggested by HP is: HP 8GB REG PC2-6400 2x4GB LP Kit for each processor bank. We would like to have the following configuration:
HP 32GB REG PC2-6400 8x4GB LP Dual Rank Memory. We were informed that this configuration will cost us 35% more. I'll appreciate it if some one can recommend which configuration is better and why the second one is more costly.

Regards to all
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Re: New BL495cG5 server purchase

well if i understand you correctly you are comparing 2x 8gb (2x4gb) Kits = 16gb


1x 32gb (8x4gb) Kit = 32 gb

and wonder why the 32 gb kit costs 35% more?

And if i understand you wrong and you have compared 32 gb to 32 gb of the two diffrent kits.. I'll recommend the cheaper of the two as they are the same memory modules only packaged diffrent...