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Reset Connfiguration - Switch 6

Occasional Advisor

Reset Connfiguration - Switch 6

I need to reset the bios on a BL460c G7 because the USB keyboard on the console does not respond.

I opened up the blade and flip the Switch 6 on the system board. I boot up the computer but it seems all is the same.

How can I tell if the system configuration was reset? Is there another sequence of events for the procedure I am currently unable to use the keyboard on the blade either through ilo3 or SUV cable.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Reset Connfiguration - Switch 6

Hi Greg,
Typically, you should get screen saying System Maintenance Switch detected in ON position...telling you to put it back to OFF position.
I would suggest try once again...
Other thing you can try is to update BIOS if available, or use redundant ROM to boot once.
You to access redundant ROM, set S1, S5, and S6 to ON.