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Upgrading c7000 firmware

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Upgrading c7000 firmware


Would someone be able to advise an upgrade path for me?  We have a c7000 with very old firmware and I have been tasked with getting it up to date.  This is an older unit that will be used as a test environement so it can be offline.  We have:


OA fw 2.52

Flex 10 VC fw 2.1

4 g6 490c blades I21 08/16/2010

1 g6 460c blade I24 06/01/2009

2 Brocade swiitches fw 6.2.2e

ilos 1.78 1.77 1.80


I can't get the latest HP SUM and SPP to inventory the OA as the firmware just too old so I believe I have to do a manual update.  Is there a stepped path and order I must follow to get to the latest on everything?  I am concerned about compatability between components and updating the OA to high and losing connectivity to the VC or Brocades.

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Re: Upgrading c7000 firmware

Based on your firmwares, you will be doing it manually. Especially the OA (some firmware upgrades will not work) a manual intervention is necessary.  The ILO2 is a very touchy situation depending on what OS you are using. If this present combinations works, leave it alone.

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Re: Upgrading c7000 firmware

@Greg4 I have done the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator firmware upgrade to v4.40 last year, it was simple and you can do it manually duringthe business hours without any actual impact to the production servers.

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