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Vmware VirtualCenter 2.5 Performance for CPU

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Vmware VirtualCenter 2.5 Performance for CPU

We use Vmware VirtualCenter 2.5. I have two HP blade servers running ESX in a VMware cluster. Each blade has two, 2.0GHz quad-core processors (that’s 16 cores for the cluster.). When I look at the ‘Performance’ tab for the CPU utilization on the cluster, I’m averaging between 1750MHz and 3250MHz. I’m not sure how to relate these numbers to my physical processors. Is 32000MHz (16 cores X 2.0GHz each) theoretically my max or is it 16000MHz since that would be the sum on each blade? Or am I totally off on this?
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Re: Vmware VirtualCenter 2.5 Performance for CPU

Hi John,

VirtualCenter counts the total of all physical CPUs, so in your case you have a maximum capacity of 32000MHz.

If you're wanting to build resilience into the system, then you should never use more CPU resource than you could tolerate by the loss of a machine. So if you wanted to make sure that everything would carry on working with one machine down, then only go up to 16000MHz.

Hope thish helps,