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Re: EVA4400 Shelf ID

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EVA4400 Shelf ID

I have 2 new EVA4400 with 8 M6142 Enclosure Shelves.
I was looking for information in regards to shelf id no's as both EVA4400 do not come up in a logical manner. ie 1 to 8 or 8 to 1.
Both are not initialised.

Install and user guides do not mention anything.
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Re: EVA4400 Shelf ID

a) here are a couple of docs links:
EVA 4400 SW installation included (starter kit):

b) EVA 4400 firmware downloadable at:

the eva 4400 perf white paper
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Re: EVA4400 Shelf ID

The numbering of the enclosures on the EVA4400 does not follow an strict order. They get enclosure numbers as they are discovered, there's no relation to the physical position.

Shelf numbering

- Either shelf I/O module can receive a shelf number from the initiator

- Shelf number is received through an SES page

- No supported way to manually set shelf number

- When shelf I/O module receives SES page with shelf number it is written to EEPROM on midplane

- Displayed on the 7-segment display on the controller

- I/O modules read EEPROM periodically to discover any changes to the shelf number
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Re: EVA4400 Shelf ID

Thanks I could not find any documented info