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MSA30 + MSA1500CS - drives flashing


MSA30 + MSA1500CS - drives flashing

Hi there,

I have an MSA1500CS that is connected to an MSA30, and two MSA20's. The MSA30 is fully populated with 14 U320 drives, the first MSA20 is fully populated, and the second MSA20 has 6 drives.

I having a problem where the drives on the MSA30 are flashing amber constantly. I don't have the ACU open, and I'm not identifying any arrays. I have two arrays in the MSA30, and they are flashing amber in an alternating pattern.

We had a problem last week where a disk failure in one of the MSA20's caused the whole system to go belly up -- had to shut everything down and power up from scratch. Ever since then we've seen the lights on the MSA30 flashing. They don't flash all the time, but it comes and goes at unknown intervals. I've checked the ACU for error messages, but nothing is alerting.

Has anyone seen this before or know somewhere else I can look for information?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: MSA30 + MSA1500CS - drives flashing

can you get me show tech-support?