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SA6400 Battery Replacement

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SA6400 Battery Replacement

I'm going to replace both batteries in SA6400 as they are over 3 years old. I have read the procedure, however, the 6400 is connected to an external MSA 30. When I shutdown the DL380 G4, the power is still up on the MSA and the drives are still lit (however does not appear any data is transferring and I wouldn't think there would be). Since the Server will be powered off, I would assume its ok to proceed with the battery replacements. However, I wanted to submit here to see if anyone else has done this before.

Maybe recomending killing the power to the MSA after shutting down the server, before doing the battery replacement?
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Re: SA6400 Battery Replacement

The MSA30 has no power switch, so you can only disconnect the cables.

IMHO there is no problem if you keep it powered, but be careful and do not create a short while disconnecting the SCSI cable.

To be safe, power the device off.

Hope this helps!

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