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Mother board tattoo

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Mother board tattoo

I have an HP motherboard tattoo CD and floppy and not sure how to use it.

Need to replace HP motherboard and may need to tattoo it.

May not need to, just in case.

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Re: Mother board tattoo



If you look on the back of your HP, you will see a label that includes, among other things, SWBOM and HWBOM. Those are the codes for the motherboard. When HP builds or rebuilds a computer, they "tattoo" the motherboard with these BOM numbers. If the install disks do not discover these BOM tattoos on the motherboard, they will not install. This is to prevent piracy.
If you want to use those disks, you need to contact HP and buy a tattooed motherboard from them. It will be costly if your computer is out of warranty, to the tune of about $25 for 10 minutes.
Otherwise, you need to buy a copy of Windows, then download the video, audio, modem, nic, and other drivers from HP. Be sure they have the drivers first, as HP does not provide drivers for all computers.
If the computer failed under warranty, or if you were a registered owner, HP will negotiate with you to have a traveling contract technician install the BOM codes as long as you have a motherboard that will accept them.
The recovery/restore disk set is useless without the BOM codes, "

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