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MS Gen8 server cannot boot Fedora 23 from disk

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MS Gen8 server cannot boot Fedora 23 from disk

I installed Fedora 23 from USB and network, with AHCI enabled, as I want to use software RAID.  During the Fedora setup I specified /boot as a 1GB RAID 1 ext3 filesystem across my two drives, which are installed in the left-hand two slots.  I observed the installation process setting up the boot image with no obvious problem.

On boot-up, the BIOS tries to boot from from hard disk (er - "C:" )  and fails to find a disk to boot from.  Have I hit something that this machine cannot do?  I would have thought a simple 2-drive setup like this was easy!

(I do not want to use onboard RAID, as I want to reduce the risk of not being able to read these disks on a different machine if this one has failed.  Also my old MS server became unfixable because there was no linux utility that could manage the hardware RAID and resync drives etc. - it was only available in WIndows...  The whole fake-RAID thing is a mess, hence me using software RAID.).

Could this be an issue with the filesystem type I have used, or the size of it, or the fact that it is mirrored?


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Re: MS Gen8 server cannot boot Fedora 23 from disk

That should be a fairly simple installation. Where did the boot loader get installed? Maybe the installer chose the USB key instead of the hard drive, I've seen that happen before.

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Re: MS Gen8 Asserver cannot boot Fedora 23 from disk

I tried changing the filesystem type for /boot to ext2.  I can now boot OK!