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Data Protector Express 3.50-sp2 Licence Problem


Data Protector Express 3.50-sp2 Licence Problem

Hello guys! I'm facing a problem with the Data Protector Express Software which was bundled with a HP Tape Drive. I use Win Server 2008 sp2 and got the licence over the HP Website, where I entered the key from the bundled CD.

The Problem is, that Data Protector accepts the licence, works for about 2 weeks without flaws and then all jobs stop and the system tells me, that it does not have a (basis) licence. I reinstalled the software but that does not change anything.

Is there a free update available for 4.0 ? Maybe 3.5 does not run on server 2008?

Help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Data Protector Express 3.50-sp2 Licence Problem

Hi Chris,

Data Protector Express 3.x is not supported on Windows 2008 SP2 but it has to be DPX 4.0.

The version you have recieved should be a DPX single server Edition 3.X and there is a upgrade path from 3.x to 4.x

You can contact the local licensing team(webware) and check that with them to proceed with upgrade. The contact details of the WEBWARE team is available

Click on assistance link and you will get the contact details

Hope this helps




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