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HP Online Import Problem

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HP Online Import Problem

We're trying to migrate LUNs from a Clariion CX4 to a 3PAR 7200.  We're getting the following error during create of the migration.

MIGRATIONID                    TYPE                           SOURCE_NAME                    DESTINATION_NAME               START_TIME                     END_TIME                       STAT



1488915650847                  offline                        CLARiiON+CKM00114400633        BRSCSST03PAR01                 Tue Mar 07 14:40:50 EST 2017   -NA-                           prep

arationfailed(-NA-)(:OIUERRDST0008:Admit has failed. Volume 6006016027902E00D16D8902ACB0E111 was not admitted;0 VVs admitted.;)

The error code calls out a possibility of LUNs being too small < 256M, but all of our LUNs are 500M or larger.  

Has anyone run into this?

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Re: HP Online Import Problem

Was there ever a fix for this?   We are getting the same error

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Re: HP Online Import Problem

I am also interested,  Any feedback on that issue ?

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Re: HP Online Import Problem

Did you get a chance to check eventlog errors, when preparation failed?