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Questions about Remote Copy with HP 3Par 7200

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Questions about Remote Copy with HP 3Par 7200



I'm trying to setup remote copy 1:1 (one direction) between two 3Par nodes.

They are interconnected through FC switch and all ports are set up according to HP manual.

System1 has set LUN and host , the LUN is visible from external Linux host aand data is successfully writen to the LUN.

The system2 has no lun or host.


I do not see any data being sent from system1 to system2 and I do not know how to verify if the entire setup is corect:




showrctransport -rcfc
N:S:P Peer_Node_WWN Peer_Port_WWN State
0:2:3 2FF70002AC005F91 20230002AC005F91 new
1:2:3 2FF70002AC005F91 21230002AC005F91 new


showport -rcfc
N:S:P Mode State ----Node_WWN---- ----Port_WWN---- Rate
0:2:3 initiator ready 2FF70002AC005F92 20230002AC005F92 8Gbps
1:2:3 initiator ready 2FF70002AC005F92 21230002AC005F92 8Gbps




showrctransport -rcfc
N:S:P Peer_Node_WWN Peer_Port_WWN State
0:2:3 2FF70002AC005F92 20230002AC005F92 new
1:2:3 2FF70002AC005F92 21230002AC005F92 new


showport -rcfc
N:S:P Mode State ----Node_WWN---- ----Port_WWN---- Rate
0:2:3 initiator ready 2FF70002AC005F91 20230002AC005F91 8Gbps
1:2:3 initiator ready 2FF70002AC005F91 21230002AC005F91 8Gbps


Both ends of the remote copy link have port mode set to initiator.

I amd sending data to System1 and I can see the data is arriving successfully.

Now I want the remote copy to kick in and to transfer data to System2.


My questions are:

1. Does one end of the remote copy port has to have set mode to "target" ? or both end points can be "initiator" ?

2. How to change FC port mode?

3. Do I have to have setup host and LUN on destination node? If not, where the data is copied to? 

4. Is there any command line to detect data being transferred in remote copy link?


HP documentation is not precise and does not explain well the process of configurin FC Remote Copy 


I will appreciate help in this matter,





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Re: Questions about Remote Copy with HP 3Par 7200

All you have shown is the target definitions between the two systems. How is(are) your Remote Copy Group defined? Issue a "showrcopy" command on each system.


The HP 3PAR Remote Copy Software User Guide gives very detailed instructions in setting up a unidirectional configuration. And the Remote Copy Configuration wizard in the Management Console steps you through everything.

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