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ITRC redirect announcement


ITRC redirect announcement

On June 26th, the HP IT Resource Center forums were migrated to the HP Enterprise Business Community.  This migration coincided with the release of the new HP Support Center, and the retirement of the legacy ITRC support portal.  As part of the transition, we have migrated all ~2.5 million posts and ~712k users from the ITRC forums into the new community site.

As a result of this transition, all links/bookmarks/search results that attempt to load an ITRC forum page will redirect to this announcement page.  Search results will update automatically over time, as search engines index the new community site and remove references to the legacy ITRC forums.

If you are new to our enhanced community platform, here are some helpful tips and links:

  • Here in this thread you'll find a mapping of the previous ITRC forum categories and boards to their new locations on this site


  • To search for a particular topic or post, use this link, or the search box near the top of the page (be sure to change the pull-down to "Community" to search the entire site, or if necessary you can use the "Board" or "Category" options from a specific location to narrow your search down to just that area of the community):search2.JPG



  • To restrict your results to discussions from this community when using Google, add "" to your search parameters




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