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Nimble and Solarwinds SNMP

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Nimble and Solarwinds SNMP

Hi all,

We have recently installed a Nimble Storage product into our environment and wanted to monitor via SNMP more effectively. We use Solarwinds products for monitoring in our environment. It seems to have picked up that it is a Nimble but the model is listed incorrectly and really there isnt any relevant information apart from the unit being up or down that is coming out of it. I dont have a lot of experience with the Solarwinds side of things but does anyone else out there use it with Nimble and are getting decent information out of it? I have downloaded the MIBs but am not sure if I have applied them correctly or whether it is just default Solarwinds information that is being picked up. Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Nimble and Solarwinds SNMP

Happy Monday....

Anthony, I am looking for specific information when it comes to the integration and setup of Nimble with Solarwinds.

More to follow Sir.

Thank you.


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Re: Nimble and Solarwinds SNMP

Hi Marc,

From my perspective I have directed Solarwinds to the Admin Console IP address of the Nimble. SNMP on the Nimble console is setup with out SNMP community string and traps etc are directed to the Solarwinds server. These details have worked with out other systems that report to Solarwinds.

In the Solarwinds the Nimble appears when added but there are no resources (List Resources) available to choose from apart from SNMP and ICMP Ping (2 tick boxes). I would have expected to see Volumes and Interfaces etc listed here. On the main Node Details page in Solarwinds it is showing the Nimble as a CS210 instead of a 460G and whilst there are a bunch of tables (active alerts, disk vols, cpu load, etc etc) none of them are populated.



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Re: Nimble and Solarwinds SNMP

Hello Anthony - typically most customers will take the provided Nimble MIBs and send them to Solarwinds for conversion to the native Solarwinds format. Solarwinds Support has also supplied this information for self-serve conversions:

In  regards to SNMP MIBs and NPM, you can actually create a UNDP (Universal Device Poller) which allows you to select which MIBs you’d like to poll and then build gauges and monitors.  You can find a ton of this information on

. This allows you to build your own integration to NPM without waiting for us.  You may also want to search out on Thwack any customers already doing this.

Also note that depending on which version of NimbleOS you are running may affect the options available.

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Re: Nimble and Solarwinds SNMP

I was looking for SNMP pollers for Solarwinds and still don't see any available.

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Re: Nimble and Solarwinds SNMP

Solarwinds has engineered their own integration into Nimble, and is available from them here:

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

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