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Application Integration
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Oracle App Integration

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Valued Contributor

Oracle App Integration

Any comment or info regarding why the Oracle VSS snap integration disappeared in NOS 1.4.9?

Valued Contributor

Oracle App Integration

I found another reference to this in another post. Seems it wasn't being used and the Oracle DBA's are sticking to their scripts. Shame. Would be handy for snap and replication once a day

Valued Contributor

Re: Oracle App Integration

Hi Marc,

Yes, the oracle snap support was discontinued from 1.4.9 due to the following issues

  • Negligible usage - To date we have only 2 deployed customers (a couple of volumes total, out many, many thousands).
  • Setup and configuration of the product is very complex and arduous.
  • Very expensive use of support resources to handle NPM installs.
  • Way too complex for field installs – requires much handholding

Currently we are looking at couple of alternatives to support Oracle backup’s.

Please do let me know what is your typical environment and your req’s around Oracle backup

Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle App Integration

Correct - many DBA's will simply script this in order to take a consistent backup.   There is a great sample script from Tom Dau here

Create Nimble snapshot for Oracle DB

Valued Contributor

Re: Oracle App Integration

Hi Walter, it's Mark with a "k" by the way. We are using Commvault IDA's for Oracle so we are Ok. Just wish the replication part was really here. Nimble have done their bit but still waiting for the replication piece.