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nb540 snapshots in combination vmware errors

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nb540 snapshots in combination vmware errors


We have a Nimble 540 and a nimble 300 and we have one datastore with important VM's on it.

First some info about the environment.

nimble 540 is on software version

nimble 300 is on software version

they are replicating over 10Gb interfaces.

because of very important data the snapshots schedule is set to take a snapshot every 15 Min. en replicate that to the 300.

there are only 11vm in the store and the average I/O is about 2K max.

now I have the follow 2 problems and the occur randomly on different vm's

1 there are snapshots that are not being removed.

2 the vm's getting a quiesce error.

because off the security of the data and consistency of the applications I cannot disable quiesce snapshotting.

are there more people know or having there errors?

and what is your advice in this problems.

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Re: nb540 snapshots in combination vmware errors

Looking at your daily logs, this started happening right after the EM services restarted on the 13th. I would suggest failing over to controller B and see if restarting all the services fixes the issue as they didn't happen the previous 80+ days.