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vCenter Plugin Features

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vCenter Plugin Features

I have installed the plugin on my VCSA 6.1b appliance. I can see some Nimble features in the Web Client (not many) and some more in the FAT client.  I am trying to force my self to use the Web client more as new VMware features (Content Library etc) are not in the FAT client and older features are being removed from the FAT client (Hardware Tab etc).


  • When creating a volume in the FAT client is there a way to pick an existing Initiator group?  I had created a Init-group via the web interface and my first volume.  The volumes after that were via the vCenter Plugin in the FAT client and it created its own Init-group.
  • When creating a volume in the FAT client can you pick a different Performance Policy?  I dont see an option and it picks ESX every time.
  • Can I create a volume in the Web client?  If so where is that?



Re: vCenter Plugin Features

Hi Chris,

The first two questions are limitations (by design) of the current vCenter plugin and will be addressed in the next release, due in the next few months.

The third question is definitely possible; If you click on the "datacenter" within the inventory, you should see the option to Create Datastore, under Nimble Storage Actions (source: Nimble OS 2.3 – vSphere Web Client Integration).

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

twitter: @nick_dyer_

Re: vCenter Plugin Features

Yeah I found the web vCenter gui stuff after poking around for a while.  I will just create my volumes from the Nimble web interface for now and mount them up manually until the plugin is upgraded.

Thanks for your help!