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Data Protection Volume Collection Naming Convention

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Data Protection Volume Collection Naming Convention

First time caller...I mean the Community.  I've been doing a deep dive into our Alletra 6000 Nimble Storage as I wasn't the one to set it up originally and wanted to make sure we weren't missing anything.  I noticed that we have one host and two data stores that don't have a Volume Collection under Data Protection.  I'm wanting to keep everything in the same naming convention, but can't figure out the others that are already setup.  The volume collection for each storage starts with the host or storage name followed by a 12-digit number and I cannot find the coorelation to each.  An example of an existing collection would be esxi-3-123456789012.  Any hints and tips would be helpful.



Re: Data Protection Volume Collection Naming Convention

Hi jimvad
There are no specific requirements to name a Volume collection. It is always decided by the Storage administrator. In most cases, the volume collections are named after the application hosted on those volumes. It sounds like the 12 digit number is something related to your environment-specific. You might want to refer to your implementation document such as a low-level design document.


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