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Improving Windows Fileserver Performance

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Improving Windows Fileserver Performance

Some quick measurements I've taken using Helios LANtest against a cheap QNAP NAS are not very impressive. Perhaps we have our configuration wrong somewhere?

Nimble CS220, HP DL360 G8 hosts, Meraki MS42P switches, 10G Fibre connections, Nimble Connection Manager, VMware vSphere v5.5, Windows 2012 Fileserver, 10GB RAM, 8 vCPUs, jumbo frames enabled and confirmed using ping -f -l 9000 arrayip

Any suggestions or how tos on diagnostics or performance tweaking?


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Re: Improving Windows Fileserver Performance

We use a simple IOMeter test to make sure two things are happening.

First make sure your NCM software is installed.

Second  perform a 4K 100 write test on a 1000000 block file on your nimble storage, Set outstanding IO's to 16, Burst to 2. The array should show your hitting 18,000 IOPS.

If you have multiple 10GB connections, go to the Nimble array, monitor, interfaces. Make sure 50% of the traffic is on each interface. If not you have a MPIO issue.

The run a 512K block write test with the same settings but this time 100 reads.  The array should read at about 800 MB/s.   Again monitor the interface for 50/50 load.

If your not seeing this - call support to figure out MPIO.

the other things I heard cause performance issues is trunking your iSCSI NICs - Don't trunk the iSCSI!!!

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Re: Improving Windows Fileserver Performance

Hi Kevin, thanks for helping me out. I've never used iometer before and am having difficulty working out where to make the settings you mention. Could you describe in which pane you make these changes?

I've checked the port config on the Meraki switch and it looks like we do have it set to trunk rather than access. Can this setting be changed on a live system or do I need to shut it down?


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