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Nimble VVOL

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Nimble VVOL


We are considering deploying a Nimble with VVOLs - we understand that this requires three volume creations per VM.

As we have over 150 VMs this will result in 450+ Volumes... 

In the documentation I keep finding the following line:

Each VM consumes one HPE Nimble Storage volume for configuration data, one for swap space, and one for each data VMDK. Plan accordingly to stay within the maximum HPE Nimble Storage volume count.
But nowhere do I find what is the Nimble Storage Volume Count maximum! Does anyone know it?
Sheldon Smith

Re: Nimble VVOL

Looking in the v5.3 Administration Guide; it's at the end, System Limits:

AF5000, AF7000, AF9000, AF40, AF60, and AF80 model arrays - 10,000 with a warning at 9,200.
All other model arrays - 1,024 with a warning at 960.

Secondly, three volume creations OR MORE are required per VM.

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