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Re: Nimble replication schedule

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Nimble replication schedule

I am proposing a Nimble Storage to one of my customer. Knowing that Nimble replication replies on snapshots technology and replicate the snapshot in async fashion. I want to know what is the shortest time of the snapshot / replication frequency? I believe it's the settings in the attached "protection schedule" screen, at "repeast every" settings. What is the lowest possible value we can set here?

Note: It is also frustrating that there is no user guide available online if I do not own the product. It is very difficult for solution integrator to check these kind of configuration settings, anybody knows how can I check this kind of specification online?

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Re: Nimble replication schedule

As long as you have "Replication Partner" defined; replication option will be available on Volume Collection configuration screen.


And customer is allow to choose no. of snapshot created on source then trigger the replication; very flexible.

E.g. the source volume might have hourly snapshot with its own retention schedule; and replication being triggered for every 6 snapshots which source created (replica can have its own retention as well).


Technically we allow per minute snapshot at source and replication being triggered on every snapshot creation; but the array will in fact very busy on comparing block level delta then transfer which looks quite impractical.  

A much practical way is to configure replication every 15 mins to balance the resource contention between frontend I/O and background process.


For all Nimble documentation; please visit InfoSight:

All HPE partners should able to access InfoSight upon sucessful registration; otherwise please reach out to your local channel team for assistant.