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Troughput for data not in cache.

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Troughput for data not in cache.


Can someone can tell me what troughput I can expect from a CS300 from data that is not in mcache.

12x 3Tb nl-sad disk and 4x 300 Gb SSD.

Like if I do Archiving of data to an external server with DAS not Nimble attached like 200-300Gb or a user that do the complete restore of exchange mailbox 25gb that have not been read completly in the last 4 month or more. Surrely data will only read from disk only.

How does this will affect other Data read hits that is not hiting cache and the write from nvram and controler cache?

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Re: Troughput for data not in cache.

Data misses will slow down speed little, but the array is still capable of thousands of reads per drive. But once you start getting cache misses Nimble will promote data to pre-fetch the next blocks.  So the missed should not last long and performance should increase.  With the 2.2 code release we use Access Block Eviction (ABE) measurements to ensure active blocks are never moved out of cache by random high IO/MB workloads.   This should solve the issues that other tiered storage companies see when customers do backups, restore, Migrations, and such.   The best thing to do would be try it. see if it meets your requirements, if not call support and they can help tune things to make your experi