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using a group for replication snapshots?

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using a group for replication snapshots?

i have a CS1000  and 3 older and much smaller systems -- could i combine them into a "Group" and then have my replication snapshots go to that group and then not worry about where each replication snapshot is and if it fits (all done manually)?


Re: using a group for replication snapshots?

Yes, that would work. A good Nimble SE or support can walk you through how to go about putting the three arrays into a single group - they are three separate "Groups" now, so the order you add them in will determine what the ultimate remaining group is called.  Replication is Group to Group (not array to array) so your plan makes sense

You will also need to merge the pools once the group merge is finished to set up the pools so that all the replication data just lands in the default pool.  This is all really easy to do but I'd walk through it with your SE so the final results are  what you are after - reswizzeling it to a different configuration is more than a bit harder later.