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Re: vCenter Snapshots freeze MS-SQL server

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Re: vCenter Snapshots freeze MS-SQL server

Adam Bond wrote:

I have a question about the VVols comment you had above.  What will the migration to that look like?  Will there be a way to convert the volumes over to this, or will it be a manual data migration in the OS to the new volumes?  (I fear it is the latter)

Hi Adam!

The great news is that it's very simple to move to and from VVol deployments - as it is all controlled via Storage vMotion. It's possible to move a vmdk in VMFS to VVol, and vice versa without any gotchas. And now that we finally support XCOPY in NimbleOS 3, it takes all the copy burden away from the ESX host and network - meaning these conversions will take place even more rapidly than before

Nick Dyer
Global Storage Field CTO & Evangelist

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Re: vCenter Snapshots freeze MS-SQL server

Nick Dyer wrote:

All of the above disappears with Virtual Volumes and NimbleOS 3 you'll be pleased to hear.

Nick - can you expand on this perhaps?  Specifically - are there differences in the way application aware snapshots are done with VVols?

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Re: vCenter Snapshots freeze MS-SQL server

I would add, in general, P2V of a SQL server is not going to turn out well.  SQL Server essentially has it's own OS and manages memory, CPU and i/o on it's own and makes assumptions about it's environment.  I love running it virtualized, but I would never P2V it.  (I'm a DBA)