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Broadcom 5720 iSCSI Boot to Nimble

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Broadcom 5720 iSCSI Boot to Nimble

I am new to the Nimble plateform and I am trying to boot a server from the Nimble SAN.  I cannot seem to get the right configuration to make it work.  Been searching for some how tos and have not come across anything useful.

Has anyone done this already?


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Re: Broadcom 5720 iSCSI Boot to Nimble

If I get a minute I will write something up.  The basics are:

1. Slipstream drivers into windows image you intend to install (AKA "the hard part")

2. Setup target and volume on Nimble- make note of target and set initiator.

3. Enable Broadcom boot agent- steps are different for different server brands

4. Setup NIC to boot from using iSCSI protocol as boot option

5. Setup initiator to same initiator set in volume setup

6. Set target iqn noted in volume setup

7. Boot to slipstreamed install- install OS onto only volume it finds

(optional step 8- Yell expletives when broadcom sells the chipset you are using to qlogic and ruins your booting with a firmware update for the chipset)

Step 8 was loads of fun- took a few hours to figure out how to get the new drivers working like the old ones. 

This process can be challenging if you have never done it before.  I will add some links when I get time and maybe even some screens.