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CS215 HDD upgrade question

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CS215 HDD upgrade question

My client has a CS215 With 12x 1TB drives with no current support and its installed in a locale where there is no internet access. He also had an older CS240 that is out of service and he wants to move the 2TB drives from the 240 to the 215.

Has anyone tried this and if so is it a documented procedure anywhere.

You will have to excuse my level of Nimble expertise. It is VERY limited.

Thanks for any guidance in advance.


Shawn Walsh

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Re: CS215 HDD upgrade question

In order to increase storage capacity on an array you'll need to choose from the capacity shelves.  Looks like the CS240 can handle up to 3 capacity shelves.  I'd recommend getting them on support and updating Nimble OS to the latest available to ensure you're able to take advantage of all the options available to them now.