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Can I Shrink a Volume With Data On It?

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Can I Shrink a Volume With Data On It?

Hi All,

Would there be an issue if i shrink a volume with existing data on it? Take for example I have a volume called A sized at 2TB which contains 1TB of data. Can I shrink the volume to 1.5TB without issues?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Can I shrink a volume with data on it?

Hi Calvin,

The array supports resizing the volume, however the larger implication is usually whether the Host Filesystem supports dynamically shrinking the volume (often this is negative).

Now with that said, often the requirement for shrinking is to pull back space (i.e., in your case to pull back some of the 1TB of data that was over provisioned).  The beauty with the Nimble arrays is that space actually isn't utilised as it's more than likely thin provisioned so there really is no detriment in keeping it that size as it won't really being used on the array.

Hope this helps