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Differences in Volume Space Reporting

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Differences in Volume Space Reporting


I recently received an alert message from our Nimble indicating that we have reached the 80% threshold on a particular storage volume. We cleared some of the data and freed up quite a bit of space. However, over the weekend I received another alert about the 80% mark.

When I look at the Nimble volume, I am seeing a volume size of 3.5TB and USED is at 2.81TB. This indicates no change in data usage at all.

When I look at the Linux server this volume is mounted to, I see

/dev/mapper/Apps2bkup-apps2bkup    3.5T  1.6T  1.7T  49% /bkup

(3.5T - SIZE, 1.6T - USED, 1.7T - AVAILABLE)

Can anyone assit me in determining why the reporting difference?

Is there a maintenance procedure I need to run on Nimble to free/clear this space?

Thank you for your assistance,

Bob Moody



Re: Differences in volume space reporting

I have read over

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Also would add that the Linux server in question is in fact a VM running under VmWare.

Looking at the disk and usage under VMWare confuses the issue even more as none of the number being reported there are anywhere close to either the Linux usage report or the Nimble usage report.

From VMWare its showing 3.3TB used out of 3.5TB with 174GB remaining free..


Occasional Advisor

Re: Differences in volume space reporting

Hi Robert,

The data stored in your Linux volume is only taking ~50% of the space within your VMware volume.  However, the VMDK files which make up the VMware volume are taking ~95% of the storage within that Nimble LUN.

If you are certain that your VMware volume is not going to grow further, you could concievably raise the alert percentage (or even disable the alert), but you might want to wait for a more qualified person to answer before doing that.

Hopefully that helps!

Eric, fellow Nimbler