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Does Nimble supports NFS

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Does Nimble supports NFS

Does Nimble supports NFS for Unix and CIFS for Windows. If so, how to create a CLUSTER using both NFS and CIFS.


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Re: Does Nimble supports NFS

Hi David.

Nimble is a block storage device with either FC or iSCSI presentation. We typically present file services using a host-side NFS or SMB service in a physical or virtual cluster; we have various best practices depending on what's needed. In 99% of use cases, the days of needing native file services running on a storage array for inbuilt HA, stability or resiliency are past us which is why not many "newer" storage solutions typically offer native file services. Host side file presentation has come a long way since the early-to-mid 2000's!


Nick Dyer
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