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Management Access

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Management Access

Hi Good morning

I'm new is Nimble Storage and in Storage technology as well.

I hope can you help me on my question.

Can i access the management GUI with my current setup?

i already done --setup the array through KVM and the array gave the URL for the GUI access

i tried to access the GUI but i cant access it

and I cant see the array on the Nimble setup Manager

Management IP: - eth2          // configure throught KVM port

My nimble CS300 management eth2 connected on a management switch.

the data FC port is not yet connected on a SAN Switch.

My PC and the management IP is on the same subnet


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Re: Management Access


You mentioned that you assigned the IP address to eth2 port. When configuring the array using the CLI with the SETUP command, it will default to assigning the management IP address to eth1 (Bottom Port). Try moving the cable to eth1, then launch a browser to:

If you still have issues, try calling Nimble Support at 1-877-3NIMBLE (877-364-6253), extension 2. Every time I called them they answered within a minute. They will definitely assist you until it is working and you will get to see how great their support is.



Re: Management Access

Thanks pete!