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Re: Nimble Infosight Registration Error

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Nimble Infosight Registration Error


I'm not able to download Nimble windows toolkit from 
I´me receiving this error: 

The email address XXXXX  is not associated with a Nimble customer account.

I´ve added the SAID to my HPE Account. 

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Re: Nimble Infosight Registration Error



You can access the HPE InfoSight portal at

Create a Passport Account
Note: For legacy HPE Nimble Storage InfoSight users, your legacy credentials will continue to work for InfoSight. If you must change your password, however, you will need to create a Passport account (if you do not already have one).

A user can be registered with only one account. If you attempt to register with an account and you are already registered with a different account, you will get an error.

Note: If your email is not associated with an HPE Nimble Storage customer account, contact HPE Nimble Storage Support or your organization's HPE InfoSight administrator.

By default, the first enrolled user of an account is given the super user role. Subsequent enrolled users are given the standard user role. For information on changing a user's role, see Change User Roles for an HPE InfoSight Account

A super user can create an account for another user in InfoSight. The new user must create an HPE Passport account ( if they do not already have one) to access their InfoSight account.

  1. Go to HPE InfoSight at
  2. Click Create Account to register for an HPE Passport account which will allow you to login to InfoSight.
  3. Complete the fields on the Create a new account page and click Create account.
Register Your HPE Nimble Storage Assets
Before you begin
You must have created a Passport account.

If you are not associated with any account, you must be invited by another member of your organization.

Note: The registration process is different for Nimble Storage assets and 3PAR assets. This process is for HPE Nimble Storage assets only.
  1. Sign in to InfoSight and enter your email address to verify it. If your account is not associated with any assets, you will see a banner saying that you need to register your systems with InfoSight to associate those systems with your account.
  2. Perform one of the following actions:or .
    • Click on one of the links in the banner.
    • In the gear menu (), click on Register under Nimble.
  3. Follow the steps to complete the registration.
Reset Your HPE Passport Password to Access InfoSight
Before you begin
If you are a Nimble legacy customer, you will need to create an HPE Passport account before you can change your password to access InfoSight. For more information, see Create a Passport Account.
  1. From the InfoSight Login screen, click Forgot Password.
  2. Click HPE Customer. If you click Nimble Storage Legacy, you will be directed to create a Passport Account.
  3. On the Forgot password page, enter your email address.
  4. Answer the security questions and do one of the following actions:
    • Click Next to reset your password.
    • Click Send me an email to receive a link to reset your password.
  5. On the Forgot password page, enter your new password twice and click Sign in.

i hope above will help.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Nimble Infosight Registration Error

For new Nimble customers this solution is not working. The step 3 (Follow the steps to complete the registration) is not working, that is why this thread exists. If I could follow the steps of the registration, I would not be here writing this...

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Re: Nimble Infosight Registration Error

We have the same problem. Somehowe it is not possible to connect a Nimble with an account. We always have to contact HPE Support to do it for us. There should be a simpeler way. Never found a procedure to create infosight account and connect a Nimble to that account. 

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Re: Nimble Infosight Registration Error

If a solution has already been found for this, we have the same problem.


Re: Nimble Infosight Registration Error

Hello Team,

Kindly contact our Nimble Support @ 1-877-364-6253 , extension x2 for support.

and also email send an email to



Dinesh Kumar 


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