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Nimble Sizing

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Nimble Sizing

Hi Folks,

Please  could  you help me size the storage capacity requirements. The client  has  initial  requirement  of 35  TB and  period of investment is for   3 years. The Year on Year growth is predicated at  40 %.He would want   4 daily and 2 monthly snapshots and  the daily  rate of  change is 30 % and monthly is  80 %.  Could  you help me come with the  storage  space required.   The environment   just  has oracle databases.



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Re: Nimble Sizing

Hi Varghese,

Based on the information we have, I made a table for 5 years growth. We made this assumption by using zero copy clone and snapshots and compression of 2:1 for the DB.



DBDB Size (TB)Year1Year 2Year 3Year 4year 5total campus with zero cloningtotal campus with zero cloning Year 1total campus with zero cloning Year 2total campus with zero cloning Year 3total campus with zero cloning Year 4total campus with zero cloning Year 5
Database A7.510.514.720.5828.81240.336828.539.955.8678.204109.4856153.27984
Database B3.75.187.25210.152814.2139219.8994883.719.68427.557638.5806454.01289675.6180544
Database C2.
Database D45.67.8410.97615.366421.5129619.621.2829.79241.708858.3923281.749248
Database E3.54.96.869.60413.445618.823841418.6226.06836.495251.0932871.530592
Database F1.82.523.5284.93926.914889.6808321.89.57613.406418.7689626.27654436.7871616
Database G1.11.542.1563.01844.225765.9160643.525.8528.192811.4699216.05788822.4810432

Re: Nimble Sizing

Abraham -

I'm not sure where Nadav's info came from, as you provide no such breakdown into individual databases and the initial total only comes up to 24.1 TB, not 35 TB as you stated.

Taken at face value, it seems to me like your initial footprint would have to be:

   35 TB for databases

+ 42 TB for daily snapshots (4 x 0.3 x 35 TB)

+ 56 TB for monthly snapshots (2 x 0.8 x 35 TB)

= 133 TB total

Allowing for 3 years' growth at 40% per year, that becomes:

133 TB at initial install

186 TB at end of year 1 (133 TB x 1.4)

260 TB at end of year 2 (186 TB x 1.4)

365 TB at end of year 3 (260 TB x 1.4)

At this point I usually factor in the best practice of keeping the array below 90% allocation, so that would be 365 TB / 0.9 = 406 TB usable.

If you also want to assume compression of the data, say 2X as Navad indicated, then your requirement would be 406 TB / 2 = 203 TB usable.  I say 'if' here because not all customers like making that kind of assumption, but our InfoSight data actually indicates the average compression ratio for Oracle databases is more like 2.5X.  So 2X reduction is pretty reasonable.

By the way, I don't see how you can have a 30% daily change rate but only 80% change rate per month.  Not saying you're wrong, it just seems counterintuitive to me.  You might want to double-check those numbers with your customer.

I realize this is cocktail-napkin math - and it doesn't address the more important issues of controller selection and cache sizing - but hopefully something here is helpful.