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NimbleStorage and EQL

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NimbleStorage and EQL


Do you know if it's possible to use both EQL and CS210 with a cluster ESX 4.1



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Re: NimbleStorage and EQL

Hello Christian - yes, this is possible without a lot of drama, have done it many times to facilitate storage migration to Nimble.

Are you running any EQ path management in vmware or using vmw's round robin policy?


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Re: NimbleStorage and EQL

Hello MG
Thank you for your reply

However, what I want is to simultaneously use the vmware (4.1) cluster with a dell equalocic and the cs210 as additional storage.

I don't know if EQ path management are used or round robin policy!

how to open communication (iscsi) with the cs210? with vmware (4.1)?


Christian F.

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Re: NimbleStorage and EQL

Hello Christian

you can certainly run multiple storage solutions behind ESX. Nimble would have a separate software HBA and discovery IP to define its usable storage up into the cluster. Here is the link to reference the ESX integration guide the outlines the iSCSI setup and config within ESX. Hope this helps. Thanks

Nimble and VMware ESX Integration Guide_2_1_x.pdf

Re: NimbleStorage and EQL

The answer is yes, you can, with a caveat: be prepared for VERY long rescan times on your storage if you are using the swiscsi initiator from VMware to connect to both EQL and Nimble. Beyond that, you may also have some strangeness running both the EQL MEM alongside the Nimble NCM, but I have been able to do that during migrations with little drama.

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