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Peer persistence

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Peer persistence



I am setting peer-persistence up for a customer, this is the first time I have actually done this, the arrays are both on 5.1x Nos so all good, I have 3 subnets setup

1. Management using both eth0 and eth1 (10GB) - set to management arrays on both sides are on the same subnet

2. Replication using TGA1 and 2 on the same subnet -set to group only arrays on both sides are on the same subnet

3. iSCSI using TGB1 and 2 on the same subnet -set to iSCSI only arrays on both sides are on the same subnet

All pre-reqs are ok sub 5 mil latency etc.

I intend pulling them into a group tomorrow, but just need to run the netwrok setup past some one with experience of Peer-persistence



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Re: Peer persistence

Hi Steve,

Looks ok to me. When you group them together, you'll find out if the networking config is correct or not

Also, if you sign into HPE TechPro, there are dedicated technical forums for partners where you can ask questions:

Login with your HPE passport, then click "Community Forums".

Nick Dyer
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Re: Peer persistence

Thanks Nick

Re: Peer persistence

If you are running iSCSI over PP, make sure you have set the group option "--default_iscsi_target_scope " to "group" before creating Sync Repl volume collection.


Of course, you need latest NCM installed on host to support PP muitipathing.

Thomas Lam
Field CTO - HPE Nimble Storage