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Port / Interface identification in Nimble AF20

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Port / Interface identification in Nimble AF20

Hi I need help to identify which are the following  interface in Nimble AF20 in back or rear, where I can get a back picture with name of each interface?

Controller A, eth1 Controller A, eth2 Controller B, eth1 Controller B, eth2 Controller A, TG1 Controller A, TG2 Controller B, TG1 Controller B, TG2




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Re: Port / Interface identification in Nimble AF20

There should be a good sized schematic decal on the back of controller B.

Controller A and controller B ports are identically named, so think of them as matching pairs. If you have two switches, tg1a on controllers A and B should be on one switch. tg1b on controllers A and B should be on the other.

eth0a&b are the RJ45 ports. Working up it then shows which ports are 1a through 1d, 2a thru 2d and 3a thru 3d. And note slot 1's ports go right to left, while slots 2 and 3's ports go left to right.
"tg", "fc" and "eth" prefix depends on the pair of cards in the controllers' slot. Of course "c"s and "d"s are only on cards with four ports.

Go online to the Welcome Center (
Watch the video under "2 Physical installation" > "Cable".

Regardless, in a lot of racks, a Really Bright flashlight helps! 


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