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Tips & Tricks Files to Server without VPN

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Tips & Tricks Files to Server without VPN

Since we have been on a budget crunch, there needed to be an inexpensive way that folks can get files onto our server. This probably wouldn't work for everyone, but definitely achieved our purpose. And, this tech admin was happy!

The assignment was to quickly figure out a way for multiple people outside the organization to place files onto our server share in the building. Also, allow so that multiple people from within our domain had access to. We didn't want any "one" person having to be responsible for manually checking/moving files. For this task, I couldn't set up an email alias to collect, nor could I give the "non-techies" a FTP tutorial - it just wouldn't achieve the goal quickly.

What I did was combine the benefits of file sync (Dropbox) and file backup/sync (SyncBack) to make it work. The outside team working on the project, only had the access to their files (Dropbox Login) which would sync with a computer on the inside domain. Throughout the day, using SyncBack, we can use the Task Scheduler to start the sync and keep the files up to date with the designated share folder on the server.



If anyone wants to add to the discussion - what alternate ways can be done? Or, what would have you done? Also, not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place!